woensdag 19 juni 2013

hi everyone
i want to started a new subject and that subject is going to be my stories.
and in the subject my stories i tell you how my day was or if i had a special happening or question i ask my self sometimes.
so i hope you like it.
i think it is a really fun subject to talk about so you guys can know me better 

love Xo Mila

vrijdag 14 juni 2013

Hi everyone
here a post from me Mila.
it's to long ago that is post something on my blog and i want to say sorry for that everyone.
i don't know for sure if i'm starting again with blogging but i want to leave a message for now.
the reason i didn't blog since Autumn is that i was really busy with School and other stuf.
i hope you understand that (-:
i have so much fun at School and in the beginning my grades were not so good so i needed to pick up that.
and it worked i worked hard for school before but then i was going better and better and it have very much fun and it's going great on School so that is realy good.
so everyone i hope you all understand it.
and take a look at this blog often because you know never ever when i'm starting with bloging aigain.
Love Mila