DIY coconutoil hairmaske
story behind the coconut oil hair mask
I recently bought a big pot with coconut oil
of royal green and it really pure coconut oil
so there is no coconut smell to it is really just
no smell
and Mascha of who has a youtube
channel beauty gloss and she also had a big pot
with coconut oil and her hair looked after coconut oil
hair mask so soft and smooth and beautiful, and when wanted
I buy some pot and I'm right but such a large
what you need:
- Royal green odorless coconut cooking cream
- Something around you to do so that your clothes are not under the
Coconut oil come such as a bathrobe or towel
- tablespoon
- A shower (which everyone probably has)
- A towel for you to dry your hair and dry it
- shampoo
what you gonna do:
grab a tablespoon of coconut oil and put it on your hand
rub a little with you

like itr hands until the coconut oil is melted
than spread you well in your hair
After distributable do just a bun in your hair so that it
may withdraw
and then let you withdraw the mask and the longer the
usually better let me half an hour to an hour in my hair
then rinse it a bit out of the shower and then
grab some shampoo and then go up the coconut oil good
Rinse and if you feel that it is a little greasy than
grab a little shampoo and then rinse it one
time out
and it is better to just let it dry instead of
blow dry because the heat is volgends me not so good for you
her and then you later that your hair if it is super good
soft and smooth
so this was DIY coconut oil hair mask and I hope you

DIY steaming
I'm going to tell you about how your face can
what you need:
- A bucket or bowl
- Boiling water
- Possibly a nice steam tablet
what you gonna do:
it's verry easy
grab the bucket or bowl and pour the boiling water and
So if you add a steam tablet at the boiling
water to
This is of course very simple but you can give yourself naturally
also give a facial
by great good to cleanse your face by your face
scrub and a face mask to Do
You can also just hold a beauty evening
with all other things like a hair mask and
things like that if you hold just a fun course
girls night out with your girlfriends
I hope you like this DIY

DIY bb cream
yesterday i've seen a video from mascha from beautygloss
how you could make your own bb cream
and then I immediately tried the last 4 different
products and I was very satisfied

what you need:
- foundation
- day cream
- Face primer
- Sunscreen
- Small jar or bowl
- A stick on to the stirring

what you gonna do:
do some foundation in the jar or container then do the
day cream, face primer and sunscreen there
but beware you do as much day cream, face primer and
sunscreen as the foundation in the jar or container
so you have half foundation and half day cream,
face primer and sunscreen
and then you stir it with the stick
and then you have your own BB Cream
there are many advantages to the day cream for malnourished
your skin, the foundation gives the color, a face primer
because it is also a kind face primer and sunscreen
because then you tergelijk also beschremd against the sun
I hope you liked this DIY
and when you're in the movie of Mascha gloss of beauty to see
click on this link

DIY grapes wheat flour face mask
I watched a video of serena resort of of beautylab and they
create a mask first and then only with grapes
with grapes and wheat flour

what you need:
- About 10 grapes
- Wheat flour
- knife
- mixer

what you gonna do:
for only the grapes mask you have one grape in half
do and remove the stones (if they contain)
and then lubricate it on your face
then let it just sit 10-20 minutes and then rinse it
off with lukewarm water or you can do it with and washcloth
do and then dry your face off

for grapes and wheat flour mask should do 6-10
grapes in it and then 2 tablespoons wheat flour and
and then you go mixing
then lubricate it on your face if you want it thicker you
more flour to make
then grease it on your face and leave it for 10-20 minutes
sit then rinse it off with lukewarm water or you can
also do with a washcloth and then dry your face off

I hope you like this DIY

if you do this DIY in the movie of serena from beautylab want
see click on this link

DIY lip balm:
I had yesterday a video of super beauty nerd on youtube
seen and they showed how you can make yourself lipmbalm
what you need:
- vaseline
- lipstick
- A large spoon
- Sate toothpick
- A small jar or container in which you can do in the lipbalm
what you must do:
cutting the tip of your lipstick off and put it in your big spoon
Take as much as Vaseline lipstick and put that in the large
grab your spoon and hold it just above the stove and stir with
the toothpick
if it is completely melted put it in the jar or container
and do it for about an hour in the refrigerator
and if it has hardened you're done with your own
I hope you like this DIY
and if you wanna see this DIY in a video than click on the link 
( the video is English )

DIY lipscrub
Yesterday I saw a video of Teske of goodxnightmare,
mylovebuglife, Teske and her site
and she went her own lipscrub make
and it seemed like to tell you whatever you can
what you need:
- Jar or container in which you can do in the lipscrub
- sugar
- Lip balm you like it (but you're going
lip balm is used for half)
- olive oil
- spoon
- Container where everything I can mix and stir
what you must do:
you're doing a bit of your lip balm in the receptacle
then you do a little bit of olive oil in the bowl
and then you go though a bit tight mixing and stirring
then put the sugar and the amount depends on
the lipbalsen and olive oil, and how coarse you want to scrub
So you do your own amount of sugar in the lip and the
olive oil
and then you get the good mixing and stirring
and if it's something the thick, you can do a little olive oil
to do and if it is too thin, you can do a little more sugar in
and when you're done you do it in your bowl or jar
and then you are ready lipscrub
I hope you like this DIY and if you wanna see this DIY in video
than click on this link

DIY primer
last I made ??myself a primer and it's super easy
what you need:
- Jar or bowl
- Foundation or tinted moisturizer might
- Moisturizer or day cream
- To stick for stirring and mixing
what you must do:
do what foundation or tinted moisturizer in the jar or container
then do half the amount of foundation
moisturizer or day cream in the jar or container
and then you stir
and then you're done and it's really super simple
and this DIY is super short but very simple
I hope you like this DIY

DIY honey stuff
I recently saw a video of Mascha from Beauty Gloss on
Youtube and they did a coconut honey mask
So now a new DIY on honey and coconut hair mask
a honey facial mask
Honey coconut hair mask:
what you need:
- Cup or bowl
- Tablespoon
- Towel or bathrobe (something you around you can do to your
clothes do not make bold)
- Honey
- Coconut fat / oil (it is better if you really 100 percent coconut oil /
fat so I've got that royal green that you can order
or go to the store'' gardens'')
what you gonna do:
put a tablespoon of coconut oil / grease in the cup or bowl
stir and if it is not smeld do it here
5 seconds in the microwave if the oil / fat has melted do
a tablespoon of honey there (and if you do not use liquid honey
you can also still take a few seconds to melt
the microwave)
then you go to the oil / grease and honey Stir
then do the towel / robe or something else you to
around you can do to make your clothes dirty to you
back and then you go coconut honey hair mask in your hair
versprijd do it right over your hair and maybe
a bit tacky but it soon good wash
it is certainly not
then let sit for as long as you want the longer the better
I'm usually a half hour or an hour
and what you can do in the meantime is honinggezichts
what you need:
- Honey
what you gonna do:
make your face with clean water and wipe dry
Then you put the honey on your face and rinse it off
if you have the hair mask from your hair rinses
when it is going to rinse rinse it first off and
Then grab a little bit of shampoo do you still have the
sense that it is fat or sticky then do a little
shampoo in your hair and rinse it well
and was the honey face mask just your face
and Mascha of Beauty Gloss also said that your hands are also
soft to be
I hope you like this DIY
and if you want to see him in a movie click on this link:

DIY orange Almhof Face Mask

I recently read an article on the internet about a face mask with the flight flesh of an orange and lemon curd Almhof
and then I thought that seems nice to show you how to do exactly is to be read
what you need:
- The flight of a meat Sinnaasappel
- Lemon curd or yogurt Almhof
- One tablespoon
- A container in which you can do in the face
what you must do:
Mix three tablespoons of pulp with a tablespoon of cottage cheese or yogurt in the bowl
actually can you do decide how long you have to let him sit
so this was yet another DIY I hope you like it

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